Ghosha's Wisdom

This story is a retelling of the Judgement of King Solomon tale. One day, a wise old woman named Ghosha is walking through her peaceful village in India when her contemplation is disturbed by loud arguing; two neighbours are fighting over a mango tree that has grown over both of their properties. Ghosha uses her wisdom to determine to whom the mango tree rightly belongs.


This short story is part of the PSRIP Big Books 2019.

The Primary School Reading Improvement Programme (PSRIP) is run by Class Act in collaboration with the NECT and the DBE. PSRIP is a literacy program employed in schools nationally. It aims to teach literacy skills to children from Grades 1-3 in a more effective manner. This story is printed with a group of others for the Grade 1 level. They are educational and therefore not available for purchase.