Ramadan Koekies

This story is inspired by a tradition practiced by the Cape Malay Muslim community in Cape Town. During Ramadan, children will deliver plates of various homemade foods (koekies) to their neighbours so everyone will have something tasty to break their fast with.

While helping her mother make biscuits, Fatima tries on her mother's wedding ring but forgets to take it off!


This short story is part of the PSRIP Big Books 2019.

The Primary School Reading Improvement Programme (PSRIP) is run by Class Act in collaboration with the NECT and the DBE. PSRIP is a literacy program employed in schools nationally. It aims to teach literacy skills to children from Grades 1-3 in a more effective manner. This story is printed with a group of others for the Grade 1 level. They are educational and therefore not available for purchase.